Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A River Runs Through It

The rain came down in steady sheets this morning, and Adrien called me from the clinic.
“Dan.  Do you have more Bibles?”
“I have some.  Not many, but some.”
“Can you come to the clinic.  There are people here who are sick.  They’re watching the Jesus video.”
“I’ll come right now.”
I wrapped up the Bibles the best I could in a plastic bag, threw on my Loving Shepherd (free) parka from Shane Shaw, my hat, and headed out the door.
Instantly I was soaked through.  What water the plastic sheet between me kept off of me only created a little humidity cloud underneath, and I think if I could have looked inside my parka I’d see a little, miniature storm being created.    As I came to the path that leads to the clinic I realized it was no longer a path, but a river of water cascading towards me. 
It was exhilarating!  
Haitians were staring at the crazy white boy from under their porches. I know what they are thinking, 
“Now what is he up to?  Is he too fou (crazy) to get out of the rain?”
By the time I got there, I brought the river into the clinic with me, as water poured down off my hat and my jeans.  Alot of Haitians faces were smiling back at me, even though they were sick and in need of medicine. The Bibles made it safe and sound, and 6 more thirsty souls received the quenching Word of God today.  
Bib#40 went to a young man named Frantzou Barret.  He has a gentle spirit.  Soon as I gave him his own Bible, he became my volunteer assistant, getting everyone’s names for me and asking where they live, so I could make a note in my journal and in their bible.   He was a big help to me, serving out of his own kindness.  and he did it with a smile. 
What better place than a hospital clinic to find the kind of medicine that never runs empty?  :)

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