Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holy Ground

110928: Standing On Holy Ground
“Do you ever talk with Evil?”
“What?” I say.
“Do you have conversation with Evil?”
“Not so much conversation, but I talk at Evil.” I answer.
“How do you mean?”
“I rebuke him. A couple of nights ago.  Evil tried to hold me down at night, like the times I’ve told you about before.  I got up, and I spoke directly to him, and told him, nan nom Jezi, ALE!”  (“In the name of Jesus, GO!”)  I know my words might shock, but they are honest.  I see no point in hiding the truth.
My friend thinks about what I’ve said, and some time passes.
“Because Evil has tried to talk with me.” He says.
“What did you say to him?”
“He told me he wants me to switch over, to be with him. He told me I can’t serve Jesus, I’m not good enough.”  His voice is tender.
I smile, “Well, he is the father of lies.  What do you expect to hear from him?  He doesn’t have the truth.  It’s funny though.  As he is lying to you, there is actually a truth in there that you can take to heart.   By him asking you to switch over, he unintentionally reveals to you that you are on the side of Christ!   Ha!”   
We both laugh.   Then it’s tender again and our talk turns to our struggles, our weaknesses, and where the enemy tries to set his traps.   The talk is good, but I can tell my friend is concerned about whether he can stand for Jesus.
Then this morning I’m reading in my devotion, and I come across a passage that strikes me.  
I grab my Creole bible, my keys, my machete, and my hat (in case it rains), and I’m out the door.  It’s only 7 in the morning.
I come to my friend’s house and ask him to come outside.  
I hand him the bible and ask him to read, 2 Corinthians 13:5:
‘Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you —unless, of course, you fail the test?’
When he finishes, I unsheathe my machete quickly.  It makes a classic Schhwwwang sound as the metal rings.  My friends eyes are wide.  He is very focused on me, also very still as I’m holding the machete in the air.  I then bring it to the ground, and walk around him, drawing a circle in the dirt around his feet.   He doesn’t move.  
“Do you see where you stand?”  I ask him.
“Yes.” He is nervous.  Maybe embarrassed.  He’s never had a white man draw a circle around him with a machete, let alone a crazy white man.  :)
“If Christ is in you, my friend, then you are standing on Holy Ground.  Evil might come to talk to you, might even call your name, but he can’t come in.  You stand on Holy Ground, with Jesus.”
It’s going to be awkward until I leave, and I understand that, so I tell him to have a good day.
“It’s good that God can give you a word to give to me, because I need to hear it.” He says.  He is smiling.
Amen, brother.  Amen.  
That is discipleship.  Brothers sharpening brothers.  Examining ourselves, and even examining one another’s armour, to see if there is a weak spot, a place where the enemy might drive his sword in deep.  How much more quickly might we vanquish our adversary if we just take the time to inspect one another.  
Did you oil your shield today?
Did you work out the nicks and the dings from the blade of your sword caused by yesterday’s battle?  Did you put a good edge back on it, 25 or 30 degrees, or is it dull and worthless?
And where is your helmet and your belt?  Did you leave them on the nightstand next to the bed, or did you put them on today?  
Did you walk out the door and forget your shoes, brother?
I’d rather someone ask me these questions.  Because the alternative, eventually, is to find myself naked in the field of battle. 

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  1. I love all your posts, but the image you painted in my head in this post of you being bold and running to support and encourage your Brother in Haiti brought tears to my eyes.

    Love you Brother! God bless you and look forward to connecting again sometime soon.

    Isaiah 21:5... Oil your shield
    Isaiah 32:15... till the Spirit is poured upon us from on high...