Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Bibles

On the first donation of $700 we bought something like 87 Bibles.
I’ve been here for less than 3 weeks, and I was down to 27.   The church up on the mountain at Saven’s place asked for 50. 
So this morning I got up, and was trying to figure out logistics.
I needed to return Maxon’s vehicle since I’m not going to buy it, and try to make my way to Lumiere to check on their price for Bibles.   But that won’t matter, I’m thinking, because the best I can manage is a motorcycle tap-tap back from Cayes, which means I could maybe carry 1 case of Bibles gingerly....
Just then Adrien called me.
“Hey Dan, I’m on my way to Cayes (in the suv) and wanted to see if you need a ride, then I thought we’d drive to Lumiere and see about bibles.”
Isn’t God awesome the way He pulls the tiniest threads together.  “Oh, you need transportation to get My Word out to the people...Let Me help you with that, child.”
At Lumiere I told them I’d take everything they had, at $8.50/Bible.   All the sales clerk had was 60. 
We loaded them up and brought them back to Ti.  
When I got them all together I thought I’d take an account of the number.  There are now, once again, 87 Bibles, 86 after another young man stopped in tonight.  The wallet is $510 lighter, but given the choice if I should slow down on distribution or pray for more provision, I’m inclined to pray for more provision.  If my mission is to bring Bibles, I’m bringing them until God says stop. 

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