Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chelsea & Colby's Wedding in Haiti

We were blessed to shoot another wedding while serving in Haiti. The Courter's have been like family to us ever since we began our work here. Their daughter, Chelsea flew in to have the wedding here because James and Rachel are working through some paperwork with a Haitian adoption and couldn't leave the country. I thought that was an amazing testament to this young couple. They were willing to lay it all down and come here to be married. They came expecting nothing. There were no plans because what mattered most was family. They had no idea that 2 wedding photographers just happened to be right down the road, and good friends with Mom & Dad. 
To top it off, a short-term missionary the week before left james a nice digital camera, (just felt the Lord wanted him to do that), so I had 2 cameras to shoot with, there was no rain and the electric company gave power all night, so there was no need for noisy generators...God just dotes on His people. 
These are just a few of my favorites....