Tuesday, September 6, 2011

110906: Getting Started

Went out with Benson today to try and get some more minutes on my cell phone.  After a couple of places waving us off I found out I’m not yet adapted to Haiti. 
My breathing was heavy and the headache I’ve had all day is insane.  I’m constantly oozing sweat, all the way thinking, c’mon body, hurry up and get used to it.  You're in Haiti today. America was yesterday. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps man!
But no matter what, I was ready for some shade.

met with Patchouko, then Robenson, then Chelo, then Olgens, then Robenson Dorvil and his friend, and before I knew it we had 7 of us sitting there.  It dawned on me that maybe God was trying to orchestrate something, and here I can’t seem to think past the sweat in my eyes to save my life.
I began talking about our God Nuggets, and the push-ups, then about starting discipleship here, and what that concept looks like.  I made sure they all had bibles.  
I explained that I want to be sensitive to Mission Haiti and their involvement there, but I also wanted to begin the charge with them.

These next 2 weeks will probably move slow in terms of the mission because I’m just getting my bearings.  You can buy good water in Cayes, this gal could cook for the family for this much, that’s where you’d get propane...nuts and bolts as I more or less prepare the way for my family,  but it’s great remembering that I’m not pressed for some finish.  Sure we never know if we have tomorrow, but in terms of making the trek to Port and flying out, it’s not an issue pressing in the back of my mind.

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