Monday, September 19, 2011

About the Net

In case anyone is curious, no, I do not have the internet.  It’s been alot of hassle to try and get that part figure out for my family.   I’ve been able to post so much and so often because I usually write every night, then I post it online when I’m around Shane or Adrien’s house.  
Adrien has been showing me things around Cayes to get me orientated, so I’ve been at his house more often than usual, and I’ve been cleaning up and helping to move things around Shane’s house in an effort to reciprocate grace.  He’s been a great friend and patient mentor to me, and I want to help him as much as I can to say thanks.  
When I was last at the Natcom (internet company) office in Cayes, I noticed some Vietnamese gentlemen walking in and out of the back office door.  They were dressed like computer tech’s, so I asked Adrien,
“Who owns Natcom?”
“Ahhhhhh.”  I said, “Here’s the plan.  Those guys in the back are the techs.  They are the guys who will know how to fix our phones for internet.   Every 10 minutes I see one come out and go across the street for a cigarette or a break.  They aren’t locking the back door all the way as they come in and out and we’ve been standing here for almost 2 hours getting nowhere.”
Adrien smiled, “That door is closed.”
Just then out walks a tech, and leaves the door a good three feet opened....
“OK brother, if we bum-rush that door, I’m certain I could get a good 10 feet inside before security nails me, but it should be enough to toss my phone up into the air towards one of the techs.  Then I’ll just throw my hands on my head and say, “American!  Mwen pa konprann!” (American.  I don’t understand!”
Adrien started laughing, 
“Oh, they will MAKE you Konprann!”
“Cmon! It’s worth a shot! You ready?”
He looks at me and says simply all he needs to say to squash my entire plan,
“I will not wait for you.”
Which means, when they cart you off the jail, and you’re stuck in Cayes for the next 12-14 hours trying to explain and apologize for your poorly hatched idea, my 30-minute ride home will become a nice, long, exhausting walk, alone, at around midnight.....
OK, so..... no internet.
Wanna know what my 2nd option was?
The salesman in front of me said, 
“You come back tomorrow, you speak with a man named Ley.  Vietnamese.  He can fix your phone. If he can’t, nobody can. One problem”
“What’s that?”
“He not speak English.  Only Creole....and Vietnamese.”
Yep, that’s gonna be a problem.   Didn’t think to learn any Vietnamese on my move to Haiti. 
And there’s the reason I don’t have internet where I’m at yet. Might be a few days before I’m able to post more.  
Still could use prayers for a vehicle or a motorcycle, some means of transportation.  
Also, I should be hearing from the pastor at the Mountain School today about how many  bibles they need, which will tell me how many bibles I’ll need to order next.  I’d appreciate any prayer there.  

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