Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making a Joyful Noise

110927: Making a Joyful Noise
If you read my last post, I was ready for a lonely night... But then....what was that?
I heard singing last night after dark.  Alot of singing.  Then I heard someone shouting, “Hallelujah!” to which a crowd of people were responding, “Hallelujah!!”  
I hopped up and out the door in a flash.  Wherever that is, I want to be there.
I walked down the road in the dark, which surprised alot of Haitians here. I guess they expect all whites to have super bright flashlights and headlamps, and always moving as a herd at night. 
I followed the singing until I found the church.  Adrien’s church.   It was filled with Christians, hopping, clapping, arm-waving, praising, dancing for Jesus.   I stood outside the church in the dark and praised God with them.  Several people passed by on their way in, and asked me to join them, but I had the feeling if I went in, the mood might change or I might distract them.  It was perfect just as it was, with God receiving full praise, so I was content to just stand outside and listen.   
I don’t know their songs yet, so usually I just make up my own.  We’re worshiping the same Jesus, and I’m sure if it’s authentic, that’s all He cares about. It was so good to know that there is a presence of Christians here who desire to lift their voices to Jezi.  They are so genuinely in love with Him that they will get together on a Tuesday in the night, crank up the generator and just shout His praise.
Laying in bed I was dripping. 
“Lord, I really need you to cool me down.” 
The power came on, and the little fan began to blow!
“Whoooooooo-eeeeeee!”  I couldn’t help but giggle like a little kid.   He brought quite the smile to my face.  Needless to say I asked for a whole laundry list of things, since He was in the ‘answering-prayer’ mood and all :)

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