Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oberline and Her Daddy

I stopped into the Mountain School today.   They were on their 2nd day of school.
Of course I had to check on Miss Oberline, to make sure she was in school.   I asked if she was a good student, and I'm guessing Oberline is thinking, "Great, now this guy's gonna come check on me every week...."
Here's a shot of her and her dad just after she got her new Bible.

I talked to the pastor at the Mountain School and he said there are many people in his church who need bibles.   This Sunday he will put out a call to his flock, and next Sunday I'll figure out a way to climb the mountain with a case or two.  I'm hoping to already have their names in the bibles.
I don't want to just drop off bibles.  I'd rather hand them out and meet the person face to face.  Then I hope to follow up with them later, since I'll know their name and where they live.

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