Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Learning Something Every Day

110914: Gonna Be a Big Day?
I feel like the Lord has kept me awake most of the night.  It’s been this in and out of consciousness prayer night, all night.  Finally a nice rain came at 4 am, and so I’ve just decided to get up.  It will be hours before the village stirs, so I’m thinking an extra long study this morning.  I’m assuming He’s got something in the works today, and now I’m too excited about it to try to sleep.
Oh yes, on a side note, I remembered Shane asking me if the fan in the room was set the right way, so the air pushed down.   At that time I thought, “Of course.”   But as I laid there sweating (this time in trial and error to see if sleeping in nothing but the skin God gave me might help) I thought, why can I never feel the wind when I’m laying down?  I feel it when I’m standing in the entry of the room..... six days after my friend mentioned it, I finally turned on the light, got up to the fan.....Once again, my missionary mentor was right.  The direction was in fact reversed on the fan.  Soon as I switched it, this beautiful, almost intoxicating flow of wind pushed down onto me.  It was so exhilarating that out of me came the song, “Oh, Happy Day!”  It only works when the power is on, but oh Momma did it feel nice!
My neighbors must wonder some nights if I’ve completely lost my mind.  :)  

Well I caught a lift to Cayes again today.  Adrien doesn’t think we accomplished much, but I disagreed.  He took two people to the hospital, I learned where the hospital was, we haggled for over an hour with the guy at the Natcom counter trying to get our phones working until the guy gave me the name and number of a technician who might be able to help us tomorrow.  That was huge progress considering the last visit I had at Natcom with the m’pa konnen’s (the I-don’t-know’s). 
Adrien showed me where I could buy some plastic water bottles, and we filled them up at the Artesian Wells..... Hey, we’re doing better than a bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce!  I’m looking at enough water in my house to last until my family gets here. 5 jugs of good water. 
Oh yeah, I’ll be looking at another car tomorrow.   

Thought I'd better start the list:
Bib#1 Patchouko’s niece - Port
Bib#2 Darlene’s grandmother - Above MH
Bib#3 Mortimer - Pierre’s friend
Bib#4 Scut - Pierre’s friend, engineer
Bib#5 Boss Edens - builder
Bib#6 Madame Tililene - neighbor, cook, Ti Rivier
Bib#7 Madame Tikelene - housekeeper, Ti Rivier
Bib#8 Esperansa - Darlenes Friend, Ti Rivier
Bib#9 Oberline Limite - sweetness, Coconut Junction
Bib#10 Chelo - translator, Carrefour Jute
Bib#11 Olgens - MH employee, YG, Ti Rivier
Bib#12 Adrien Alexander - Clinic, Ti Rivier
Bib#13 Chelo Blanc - MH employee, YG, Ti Rivier
Bib#14 Lucien Blanc - Chelo’s dad, Ti Rivier
Bib#15 Jacques Pierre Carmélien -Mountain School
Bib#16 Marescot Carméne (Madame Saven) - Mountain School

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