Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heather and Germaine

One of the very first Bibles for Haiti was given by my very good friend, Heather Babb.  She gets to do everything before me it seems, but I've decided to just realize that God has intended it this way, probably somehow for my own good.
She gave a bible to a woman named Germaine who lives up on the hill above Mission Haiti, after she led her to Christ in presenting the Gospel.
While Heather was here on her surprise visit, we actually surprise visited Germaine on two separate occasions.   Heather never, ever lets me take her picture, but in this moment, she could have cared less what I was doing.  She was too focused on Germaine, listening to her stories, about how she used to go the Disco, and the boys would have to write to her and ask if they could dance with her before they actually came courting.    Germaine was also a cook for one of the Presidents of Haiti, and she used that money to come back to this area of Haiti to start an orphanage.   All those kids are grown now, and she tells us how sweet it is to hear so many people calling her mom or grandma.
It was great to see Heather, and to see her labor for Christ.  I'd walk the mountain of Haiti with her any day of the week.  I'm hoping we can bring their whole family here soon, to partner together in ministry.

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