Saturday, September 17, 2011

He Cares

I received word that my first shipment of mail had arrived in Cayes, and so I was excited.  I mean, besides a water filter, I had some extremely important items that in that box.  Underwear, socks, deodorant.  :)
What shocked me was seeing that I had mail from the States, from two different families I didn’t know.  
What brought amazing encouragement and joy to my heart was this letter:
‘Dear Daniel, Kari and family,
I was so blessed by the article about you and your tremendous leap of faith to go to Haiti.  My husband, Dallas and I, with kids Paul, Isabella, and Elijah are also missionaries, but here in the United States with Missions America and the Billy Graham Evangelical Association.  After I read the article I felt prompted to send you the money the Lord asked me to put away and save over a month ago.  I thought I was told to save it for an upcoming financial need in our lives because our support has gone down due to our declining economy, but I heard the Lord loud and clear to send it to your family - praise the Lord!!  
He is faithful because after that my mom called from Oregon and said she and the Lord had been talking and she was sending me the exact amount I’m sending you.
My mom is a fairly new believer and this is a tremendous leap of faith on her behalf.  None-the-less, accept this gift from us (and mom) :) , but give God the glory for He is worthy.  
If you haven’t read the autobiography of George Mueller I encourage you to do so.  His faith in missionary work and God’s provision was instrumental in sharing the Gospel in England.  It’s a short, powerful read.  I am the author of 10 books ( and if you’d like copies, Kari, let me know (they’re mainly for women).  
I would love to keep in touch if you feel led and am committed to pray for you.  I lead a Tuesday 630 am prayer group in Watertown and will ask others to pray too.  I often place prayers on the website of the World Prayer Center site, and I see powerful things happen when I do so.  The site is , located in Colorado Springs.  I will be a great resource for you.
I was so happy you’re homeschooling and not sending your kids away to school like some parents do.  I know that pleases the Lord.
Keep in touch and God Bless You, Leslie’
Enclosed in the letter was a check for $500 for bibles.
And in the next letter was a simple note from another family, ‘As family wishes... God Bless (we were with YWAM) with another check for $100.
What neither of these families knew over 2 weeks ago when they mailed their letters was that today I’d be needing to buy more bibles.  
I’m looking at the last of the bibles in my supply right now.
The timing is perfect, and do you know why?  Because it’s God’s timing! 
These Christians were available and obedient to His leading, and because they were able to do so, to put themselves in submission to Christ, two letters with checks went into the US Postal Service where they made it to Florida.  From there they hitched a ride with an available and obedient airborne missionary mail ministry to Haiti, where more missionaries were graciously waiting to help unload the cargo.  From that point, other faithful brothers and sisters brought that cargo to a little school on the top of a big hill in Les Cayes, ran by more missionaries who are steadfast in the call God has placed upon them.  Now, 16 days later, I’m riding on the back of a tap-tap to Cayes.  I pull up to the busiest intersection and start walking.  
Soon enough, another selfless missionary picks me up on his 4-wheeler and brings me all the way up that hill to the little school, AFTER he buys me lunch.   On the way there we are talking about how I really need to buy more bibles, and I know I need to find them for the best price possible so I can be a good steward with what God has given me. I’m a little deflated, a little discouraged....
As we walk up to the school, the final active-duty soldier in the Lord’s Army asks me for my name.  
“Dan Elliott!” He says, shaking my hand, “Alright!  Got a big box for you today, and some mail.”  
It brings me such peace to see the Body of Christ working and in action.  I see local missionaries here, going out of their way to help me adjust.  I see letters from these families, bringing encouragement.  
Friends, the Lord is Mighty.
He is Living.  
He Cares.
He Listens.
He Answers.
He Understands.
He Provides.
He Supplies.
He Strengthens.
He Fills.
He brings Peace.
He brings Security.
And when He shows me all of these things, one after the other, over and over again over the past two weeks, how can I deny?  How can I neglect?  How can I help but know beyond a doubt that I am a Son of the Most High King, and My King, My Father, My Daddy Loves Me, Very, Very Much!

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