Saturday, September 10, 2011

Case #1

Here is the 1st Case of Bibles, strapped down on Shane's 4 Wheeler.  No, that's not my sweet little ride, it's his.  Independent suspension, liquid cooled, and ready for anything you throw at it.
Tomorrow I'm going to talk to a man about possibly buying a vehicle here, but for now, I'm transportation-less.  So once again, my good friend and brother in Christ lent me a helping hand.  We stopped over and picked them up.
Tonight I gave the 13th bible to Chelo Blanc, Darlene and Emmanuel's brother.  I have 1 left, and so tomorrow we'll crack into case #2.
I also talked to Adrien (the only man in my village who has the internet, and is gracious enough to let me sit at his kitchen table until I can get my own) and he said there may be a way to get the exact same bibles for less.

Adrien gave me a ride to Cayes today, and I learned where they sell the propane, where a good mechanic shop is, and where I can exchange money.   I also happened (by the Holy Spirit) to be led across the path of another missionary, a woman named Janice Walker, who is in Haiti to try and help set up rain water cisterns.   I thought it was amazing, because just last night the owner of the house I'm renting called as I was in the middle of a big storm.  He could hear the rain, and he said he'd really like to look into catching and using that water.   Isn't just like our awesome God, the very next day, to put me in a city of 750,000 people, crossing the path of the exact missionary in the area who feels led to be here to help the Haitians do exactly that?  She was so happy to hear another American's voice, as she's been here since June, and I told her, "Hey, you know there's about 80 missionaries in Cayes?"
She didn't.
Her eyes were welled up with tears, and I could see she was needing some fellowship.  Tonight I'll talk to Shane and see if we can't swing by and pick her up for the special church service tomorrow night.

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