Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Tap-Tap

My wife tells me people are asking that I post a picture of a tap-tap, so you can all get the idea.
Here's the basic concept:

Take any small pickup truck, weld bars around box, cram it as full as you can with people and goods, and then charge people for the ride.  There is no limit to the number of people or the weight of the vehicle.  I've seen them almost dragging the rear end.

I've heard of the welds breaking under the weight and the years of rust and salt in the air, and I hope that never happens when I'm on one.   Alot of people would be hurt.  Some tap-taps, like the one I was in this week, don't have the top metal containment bar, so it's much harder to remain IN the tap-tap as the driver dodges potholes, zigging and zagging.   Sometimes you zig when you should have zagged, and you crush the person next to you or you're crushed yourself.  Hence the reason I call it "road-surfing".

There are two types of tap-tap here.  The truck, and the motorcycle/scooter.
A motorcycle tap-tap usually costs more, but you have a place to sit, and it's much faster, because at the most there's only 3 clients on board, and most times it's just you and your driver.

One of these days soon I'm going to devote time to being a photographer again, and I'll try to capture more of the village life through the lens.

This is why God gave me pictures, words, and sounds.  Some days a picture tells the whole story.  Some days you needs words to really tell it, and other days are filled with so much emotion that neither a picture or words will do, and it's time to get out the guitar and write a song.   I haven't had my guitar yet since I got here, but hopefully in October I'll get it here.

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