Friday, October 21, 2011

Local Faces 4: Judeline

Judeline impresses me all the time.   From the first day I heard her singing praises in churches until today, she's always wowing me.   I've seen her sweeping the paths, washing laundry, cooking on the main street, picking up garbage, and attending youth group.

She taught me how to make patte, then she came and taught my wife as well.  She started the first women's discipleship group with her friend Tatsi, and she was the first to ask me for a Haitian/English dictionary.  I see her reading it when I go by her house.  The girl is passionate about learning.

She watches over the family when her mother is away working, and she goes with her father, who is a fisherman, when there's alot of work to be done.

This girl is 17.  Do you know any 17 year old's so ambitious?

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