Sunday, October 30, 2011

It Just So Happens...

How Great is Our God?
None of the water we sampled could be tested by labs in the States. They all deemed it "too old".  The way it was explained to me, stronger bacteria eat the weaker bacteria.  Some bacteria takes over and others are no longer present after a period of time, so the testing becomes inaccurate.  Picture a cubic square mile of ocean, cordoned off from the rest of the sea. There just happens to be a couple of sharks passing through. Eventually, the sharks are going to eat the swordfish, the swordfish are going to eat the tuna, the tuna are going to eat the minnows.... and before you know it, there's just a couple of sharks in the water.  After a year, you look at that water and think, hmmmm, nothing but sharks in Haiti, when that isn't the case at all.

BUT, Todd sat next to Susan on the plane who happens to be good friends with a water specialist, Elise, who happens to be in Haiti.

Elise (and her beautiful accent) just happens to be passing through Cayes on Monday, on holiday, and it just so happens she's agreed to come out to Ti Rivier for a tour.  She works with end-point water purification, specifically, Chlorine dispensers....which ironically (it just so happens) is EXACTLY what we need to clean the water coming from the natural spring.   Can someone please give me the odds on this random event just 'happening' in the natural order of life?  How many coincidences can there be in life?

We had an intense meeting last night with the Ti Rivier community leaders.   If possible, we may use the monies donated to instead go towards replacing the nearly 20-year old pipes from the natural spring.    
For this to become a reality, we'd need to partner with some of the Haitians living in the United States.

I've signed a contract with IRD Drillers, but Enoc told me that as long as his trucks don't come out to the village, he could still return our money in full if we changed our mind.

We still can't guarantee that the water source in the natural spring isn't compromised, and Cholera is in almost every village around us, but with the possibility of the Chlorine dispensers, there's a real chance we could keep clean water in Ti Rivier, and keep Cholera out.
We're all curious to hear what Elise will have to say on Monday. :)

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