Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Judeline Praise Project First Installment

Good Sunday Morning friends...
Today there is a breeze from the ocean coming across the bay.
The sky is golden with the sun.
My kids are out front playing with Oberline and Modeline.
They are giggling.
My wife has made them hot chocolate, and I'm sipping on some hot coffee thanks to Heather Babb and her french press that she left us.

God has given me pictures, words and sounds.  They are gifts that I can use to share His story.  I'm always taking pictures, and of course I'm always writing....
but today I thought I'd light up your sense of hearing, courtesy of Judeline Barthold.  She's agreed to embark on a new project with my family.   Basically, when she has time on Saturday's, she's going to come over and sing from the Haitian Songbook.   The purpose is two-fold.
First, my family can finally begin to learn and worship with the Haitians as we begin to learn their words.
Second, the girl sings for Jesus, and it's worth preserving, recording, so she can do her part in sharing with you, the story of Jesus Christ.

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