Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Street in Ti Rivier

My oldest friend in the world asked me for a picture of my street.  I live on the main road in the Village.

If you click on the image it will be easier to see.  It's a gravel road.   The colorful shack on the left is the lottery.  These are all over Haiti.  Just up from the lottery is where the ladies sell food.  A big seller is popcorn.  On other other sie of the street, depending on the time of day (for shade purposes) there's a girl who sells bread.  When it's fresh it's outstanding.  That's the well off to the right.  You can see all the water jugs people fill up with.  They're actually just oil and gas containers that get washed out and used.  
Up in the road is the infamous Tap-tap.  My house is just to the left of the man in the red shirt.   The roof you see on the right is the National, or Government school.  It was supposed to start on Oct. 3.  As of today, it's still not quite up and running.  There are kids there, but it's very quiet.   I don't think all of the teachers or children have arrived.
Just below the roof you can see a sign.  That's the path to the Clinic, the local hospital here, and to Mission Haiti, an American ran orphanage.

Directly behind where I'm standing is the river.  Soon, when the rainy season comes, it will become impassible.  I'm told if you wait for 5 or 6 hours after the rain, it's possible to cross.  Sounds like it's gonna get interesting.  I'm hoping my family comes before the season begins.  

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