Saturday, October 1, 2011

Video Chat from Haiti

Thanks to Torrey Babb I was able to see the beautiful face of my daughter last night.  Ouch, it kinda hurt, like a punch to the gut.  I could tell in her eyes how much she misses me.
The internet down here is pay-as-you-go for now, which means you buy a $500 goude card (about 12.50 US) and then you charge up your sim card.  You then pay for every MB used.  You can't just auto-recharge here or anything like that.  It's a cash society, so for now that means you have to drive until you find one of their little satellite huts.  You buy the 500 card and then they "tax" you, so really you're paying upwards of 550, depending on how remote you are from a main store.

Last night I discovered that a video chat will eat that for lunch the same way I'd eat a cheeseburger right about now.   It goes fast.  Very fast.  So, we won't be doing that very often.  Most likely we'll just use the net to post updates and check email, and any video chats will be with family and scheduled so we aren't chewing through the MB's.

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