Sunday, October 23, 2011

Local Faces 5: Germaine

Germaine lives up the hill from Mission Haiti.
My family came to visit her this week, to say hello and also to giver her a letter from Talix Babb.
We heard recently that one of the two women that help take of her passed away herself, and when we got to her house, Germaine was alone.
Her situation is very difficult.  She's accepted Christ, and now she waits.
"How are you today Germaine?"
"I'm just waiting to die now." She'll say.
And she is indeed.

In the weeks I've been here, she's not moved from her little bed.  Her day in, day out, is spent staring at the ceiling.
This time, there were ants crawling on her.
We gave her the letter from Talix, Olgens read scripture to her, and we prayed for her.
"I am going to Cayes this week. Is there anything you need me to get for you?  I know you like sweets."
"I would like diapers." She said.

It didn't register with me right away, but she was basically asking for Depends, because it's now too hard for her to sit up and move into the makeshift porta-potty next to her bed.

"No sweets?"
"Diapers." She said again.

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