Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nets in the Storm

I watched these brave souls for almost an hour, battling just to get into position to bring in their nets.
If they leave them, the hungry ocean would wash them, and their livelihood out to sea.  It's how my friend Benson lost his.   Hurricane ate them for lunch...

You remember that scene in the Bible where the fisherman are caught in the storm....and Jesus is sleeping?!
They wake him up, frantic, and he just hushes the storm.  

Shush now!.... and its calm.
I can understand that a little more today.
The man at the bow was frantic.  They would bounce up on the wave, then dip down into the froth, and I'd see in his hand a bucket.   He was scooping out water fast as he could, just so they'd stay afloat.

Oh you of little faith....I joke from the beach.  :)  These guys have my respect.

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