Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's Up Doc?

I just have to give a shout out to this young doctor near the local clinic where I live.  His first day on the job and I brought him 24 people from the village.  He was inundated, but survived for the next 6 hours seeing them all, taking meticulous notes.   The second day I brought him 20 more.  He was floored, and not as happy to see me.  But he didn't complain a bit.  All he said, "I think it might help if we make a set day where we know you're coming." 
The nurses on the other hand, jokingly gave me a slashed throat sign and told me they no longer wanted anything to do with me.  They said I was killing them.   I'm thinking fresh-baked brownies will help restore whatever damage I've done...
I asked them if they knew how many more people I'd be bringing in the morning,  and they all looked up at me in pure silence.  All paper shuffling ceased.
"Zero."   I smiled.   They all resumed breathing.    
Dr. Yves Glaude.  Good job sir.  God sees your heart.

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