Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Church Bench

This is one of the benches in a very poor church where I met a pastor today.  He didn't complain to me at all about them.  He only asked if we might have some books for the children.  
The people don't have work, so they fish every morning and night to eat.  They only come to church in the afternoon when the fishing is no good.  
I walked outside and had an interesting conversation with one of the men.
"Hey you! What are you doing at that church? Are you a Christian?"  He said.
"Yes, I am a Christian."  I said, "Are you a Christian?"
"No. No I am not."  He shot back.
"You gonna help the pastor over there?"  He glared.
"I'm hoping to, yes."
"Good, because that man needs help.  He's got nothing.  These people here have nothing.  Nothing!   Have you seen his benches in there?"  He pointed.
"Yes I have." I said. I'd already taken a picture.  "He needs help, I can see.  I'm going to do what I can."  I said.
"Good.  That's good. Because nobody cares about these people."  There was a slight smile, then a fist-punch hand shake, and that was it.
Interesting to me that this man that I had stiff warning about walking up to was so concerned for this pastor.   I have a feeling he will be watching from a distance.
This shepherd who asked for books for the children, and this is his Bible, missing a good chunk of the New Testament.

Here they have a saying,  'Si Dye vle.'   'I'll see you tomorrow, Si Dye vle.' 'I'll go the market, Si Dye vle.'   'I hope to be back by tonight, Si Dye vle.'  It means if God wants, or as you might be more familiar, 'Lord willing'.

I made up my mind by the time I got back into the car.
Next week, Si Dye vle, we're gonna bless this man's socks off.

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