Friday, April 26, 2013


A week or so ago her school told us they were kicking her out. "She can't learn, she's too stubborn." That's all we've heard. She's been a child-slave most of her life, so school has never rated much in a world filled with hard labor and abuse. She's going on 14 so they'd sooner put her in the corner or kick her out of class. So, my wife has began to teach her, and this little flower is blossoming before our eyes. She's not only learning, she's hungry to learn. She's constantly asking questions, wanting to know more. She's diving into the English language, into math, reading and writing. This week we took her with us to a village where we'd been invited to give the Gospel, where she listened intently to Kari talking about Jesus. On our way back we stopped at the beach to find some rice and beans. The ocean is still cold, but Oberline didn't hesitate for a second to wade in with my family. When she saw this picture she laughed and hugged me. I told her, "I see one happy girl in this picture." 

"Yes!!" She said.

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