Friday, April 26, 2013

True Freedom

We traveled with a carload to a new village up the west coast of Haiti.  There were beautiful mountains with the ocean right beside them. Tikilene, her daughter and Oberline came along with Chelo and a former student of ours. Tikilene brought cooked meat and soon as she thought I was getting hungry she whipped it out.
We were allowed and even invited into 2 schools where Kari had the privilege of walking from class to class to give the Gospel. In America, God is shushed in the schools. In Haiti, they welcome us to please come and share Jesus. Haiti knows something that America has forgotten.

It really stirs me with wonder.  How is it that in my home country, the land of the free, one nation, under God, the vets are being forced to remove their crosses from the grave sites?  The kids can't talk about Jesus or even mention his name in school, and we can't even handle having a holiday with his name in the title.

Why are we trading our greatest freedom for a prison?

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