Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Accident on the National Road: GRAPHIC

My very good friend Patchouko and another man I know were in a serious moto accident today. They hit a little 7 year-old girl on the national road who jumped out into traffic right in front of them. Please pray for the men that infection does not set in, as their care was less than first aid, and for the little girl to be ok. She was unconscious for about an hour before waking up. 

A city of about 100,000 people and the emergency room was 2 docs and a nurse, in a room just a little bigger than my bedroom, with no more medical supplies than what I keep in a kit at my house.  The docs did what they could, but they were surrounded by people standing at death's door.  

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  1. Prayers for Patchouko, Kenol, and the little 7 year old girl. Dear Father in heaven, I pray in your name sake that you put your healing arms around Patchouko, Kenol, and the little girl. I pray that their pain is minimal, and no infection will set in. I pray also for the little girl, that she may also heal. I ask this in your name. Amen.