Monday, April 29, 2013

The Magic Ring

We are seeing the Lord push into some very, very dark places in our village today. You can almost taste the excitement, and yet the people who are accustomed to following Satan and worshiping idols are afraid. This is a big, big deal to them. A man came today to show me a magic ring. He was very careful to explain every detail of this ring that has been worshipped in his family. I told him I thought it was a beautiful ring, and for whatever reason I gave him my full name. Daniel Craig Elliott. DCE. I told him those were my initials because the ring he showed me also had 3 letters inscribed. "Anyway," I said," nice ring. Have a good day." Something unnatural came out of his mouth as I walked away. Later towards dusk 18 people came to our house from a church where I've given the message many times. They prayed and sang, and then we walked to this man's house to sing and pray for his father, a man dying of Parkinsons. He was visibly nervous, had goosebumps all up and down his arms, and he wouldn't look at me. He said it was me that made him feel cold this way, pointing at me 3 times. He said he's had dreams, and he sees me in them. In his dreams I bring him to his conversion, from being a slave to idols to following Jesus. He said he has a big, big problem now. 

Yep....Jesus can have that effect.
It was an intensely powerful and yet beautifully unpredictable day!
I hope tomorrow is just as much of a question mark as today.  I can't wait to see what God's gonna do next. :)

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  1. Praise God for you to be there. Praying for you all and His anointing everywhere you go.