Saturday, April 27, 2013

Licensed to Read, Whenever and Wherever

Back in January I was embroiled in Haitian red tape, working with the local DMV to keep our vehicle legal. One Haitian woman was particularly helpful in the tedious paperwork, and during her questioning she asked what I do. 
"I give Bibles." I said.
"Can I have one?" she asked. 
"Of course you can. When I come back I'll bring it to you." I told her. 
Well, 3 months passed since that conversation, and I was finally making my way back down to her office. I walked in straight to her desk, after the shotgun security guard made me remove my hat, and placed that Bible in front of her. 
Her face lit up and she said, "You remembered!" 

Right there, on the clock, in broad daylight in front of everyone, government job and all, this woman opened her new Bible and began to read from the Psalms, excited for the large print. She had a big smile across her face.

There were no rules and regulations, and nobody was offended that she was reading from the Word of God. 
I sit remembering her joy, and I have to ask, who has more freedom? This woman or me?

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