Thursday, May 30, 2013

Treasures Among the Weeds

I was just sitting in the garden behind my house here in Haiti, weeding the corn with my boy and my girl. It was a job we thought might take 2 or 3 days.  But then, one by one, kids from all over the village came and began to help us. We didn't ask, neither did they. They just came, knelt down, and started to pull weeds. There were kids from 14 all the way down to a couple of little sweethearts who were 4 years old. I didn't fetch the camera because I was afraid they might be shy and run off. Kari came out and read them the parable in the Bible about the farmer who went to sow seeds. When we were almost finished I wanted to do something to show them my gratitude, and I decided to open the question up to them. "What is a good little gift I can give you all?" I cringed, wondering if I'd made a terrible mistake. The tiny whispers were shooting all around me amidst the little stalks of corn. There was a huddle at one end of the rows.... 'Oh boy', I thought.... 

Then the answer came back.

"We think a good gift would be.... a piece of bread with some chocolate, or peanut butter...or just some butter if you have it."

There was a row of happy kids on the front porch tonight, all munching on their little gifts. I gave them each 5 goudes anyway just as a tip. Now they are all playing games out front.  I hear the laughter of children. 

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