Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Brilliant Mind

I have to give the boy some credit.  Mangos were coming ripe and were about to fall 30 feet to their splitting demise on the rocks below.   It's a mess to clean up and a feast for unwanted hoards of ants.  His anxiety grew with each passing day and the ever-turning color of the fruit in the trees.  Logan did some brainstorming and, using an old fishing net supported by the trunk, branches and nails, we are now collecting wonderfully delicious and unbruised mangos every morning.   He designed it so that the mangos don't bounce, but are instead caught.  They are either safely suspended in the net or they gently roll off onto the ground.   No splits, no ant frenzy.
I thought he was hurried for nothing, but actually the first mangos fell the very next morning. 

To me it's like an Easter egg Hunt, every day.  Wake up soon as it's daylight, go out to the well, see what's waiting for us in 'the catch'.    He's now developing recipes for a Mango Sherbert with sugar and milk, freezing it down to be enjoyed only when we are too hot and need a cool refreshment.

Good job boy.   

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