Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Swatting that Pesky Persecution

I'd like to ask for prayer for my daughter's horse, Misty.  She is the latest form of persecution we are experiencing.   We have found wire tied into her tail, so that when she swishes the flies it cuts her.  We've found barbed wire tied into the mane.  We've found cactus juice poured onto her back.  Sometimes she is untied and running loose.   
I know the heart of my God.  In the Bible, He's explaining to Jonah why He doesn't want to destroy a city filled with evil people.  Jonah is angry and wants to see the people pay, but God refuses, and says to him, "Should I not pity this city, in which there are more than 120,000 people who don't even know their right hand from their left--and much livestock?"    That last thought is what proves to me His heart.  My God is an animal-lover...AND a lost-soul-lover! It's as if He is saying, "Shouldn't I rain down Mercy on these people who still don't know any better, besides, just look at all those innocent animals."   I've already had to change my prayer, from "God, crash in, knock down whoever is doing these awful things", to "God, reach in and turn their hearts, show them their evil ways, and change them from the inside out.  Snatch them from the hand of Satan and rescue them.  Tell him to his face, 'He is Mine forever more.'"

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