Wednesday, May 22, 2013


2 days ago it rained so hard in Haiti that all my corn was laying down. The Haitians were telling me I'd have to go in, stalk by stalk, and push up the earth to make it straight again, or I'd lose the whole crop. I told them, "I think God can make it stand up again." They smiled. Today, every single stalk is reaching for the Heavens as if to say "Hallelujah!" I read something in my Bible this morning I have to share,

Psalm 96:12 says "let the fields be jubilant". But in the Kreyol I found such a greater joy, It says "Se pou Jaden yo ak tou sa ki ladan yo fe fet", which translates to this, 'let the gardens and everything in them have a party, sing!'. I was....yes, this is the word, Flabbergasted! If my CORN knows how to praise the Lord, if my garden can have a party, how much more should I be rejoicing, a child of the King? There is nothing in the world too hard for Him, Amen?

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