Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Logan

When someone comes running in bleeding, he's on the job.  Mom walks around with a bad scrape for a couple of days, and then suddenly one morning, there she is with this perfectly dressed bandage.
I don't even have to ask who did that. I can tell by the workmanship.
A Haitian comes to visit with a bad gash on her leg...
"Hmmm, that needs cleaned." Kari says....."Lo-o--ogan!  Calling Dr. Logan!"
Out he comes, carrying the tools of the trade.
And nothing makes him woozy.  If anything I think he finds it fascinating.
He knows better than anyone where to find the proper cure for the proper ailment. 
If we need Neosporin or Iodine wash, gauze, a back rub, aspirin, cough medicine or just a simple Band-Aid with some tender loving care.  It's Dr. Logan to the rescue.

Yep.  That's my boy.  His uncle is a doctor.  A good one too, or so I hear.  I'm thinking about pulling some strings to buy him a good stethoscope.

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