Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A little girl I know was caught, literally red-handed, cheating on her grammar test.  The words were written down her hand in red marker...
She was crushed when she was caught.  
She was ashamed of her sin.  
Tears came.  
Then sorrow.  
Then forgiveness.  
Then repentance.  
And now, the sun is shining!  It's a new morning! All is well.  

She allowed me to photograph her hand, actually of her own free-will, allowed me to take a picture of her sin.  Really it's her innocence that drew me to take the picture.  Wow.
Imagine, if before we decided to sin, we all grabbed a red marker and wrote it down, on our body? All of our sins, written, as if shouted, in bright red.

Just dip me in a cauldron of red paint and be finished with me.   After that let someone take a picture for the sake of posterity. 
What a different world it would be!  No hiding beneath masks.   No way to conceal who we really are when nobody's looking.

But then again.... we DO live in that world.  God DOES see.  And we are COVERED IN SOMETHING. We are either dripping like wet dogs in sin or we are dipped in the crimson blood of Christ.

Either way we're blushing.

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