Saturday, April 21, 2012


This is a poem I wrote in the middle of the night based on Reveille, fetching thoughts of a new day, the sun rising, flag raising, troops and militia scrambling and scurrying to attention, to readiness. I began to reflect on that old French word, from which we get another.... Revival! 

I stewed last night on the need for an honest, humble crying out to God for the sweeping power of the Holy Spirit!  To Wake up the Sleeper!  To right our path and bring us back to Him! To give us cause not only to rise, but even then to leap, to fly to readiness on the wind of His breath.  Based on Psalm 85, that our great God has done it before, that with our pleading He might yet revive us again, and on Ephesians 5, that we all have a perfectly natural tendency to be found asleep at the wheel.  Stir us Lord! Awaken us all from our drooling slumber!  


Oh, great God! 
Bring Reveille!
With the rising Son
the dead are free,

To proclaim rescue
from the fiery grave.
Oh great God!
We are saved!

And now 'tis ours
to own this call,
to take this Word
and preach to all.

To know this gift
yet mute thy tongue
is to count the sum
of this life dung!

The Slaughtered Lamb 
nailed to the tree
all sins of those
who do believe.

Draw us all 
to drink deeply of
the charge and call,
'For God so Loved'...

Wake us now
to rejoice in Thee!
Oh, great God!
Bring Reveille!

~Dan Elliott 4.21.12

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