Friday, April 27, 2012

1/3 the pi of .5% or the equivalent of x, which is a variable....

If anyone knows me, they know that I'm the farthest thing from a Numbers guy.  The title of this post is how I picture them in my head.  Menacing no-good-for-nothings....confusing little nemesis's....At last week's Bible distribution, 3 churches came together for our largest, and most profound distribution yet.  As we rounded off 800 Bibles and make a good dent towards reaching 900, I had a moment when a fleeting thought crossed my mind,  "Wow.  That's alot of Bibles! We've done alot of work this year!"
It was at precisely that moment that God arranged for my 12-year old son to walk up to me, who IS a Numbers guy, and say, "Wow! Just think Dad, pretty soon you'll have given out 1000 Bibles, and then you'll have reached less than 1/9000th of the population of Haiti - HA!!"
That struck him as particularly funny.
Yep.  The equivalent of .01111111111%    Ahhhhh - Humble Pie.  I remember what that tastes like now.

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