Friday, April 20, 2012

The Chair

Everywhere a white person goes in Haiti - To the mechanic. To the church. To the market. To someone's home. On top of the mountain on a farm or in the middle of the city down in the valley - It absolutely does not matter. The Haitian people are such generous and hospitable people that they will offer you the nicest seat. From out of nowhere, a chair will appear. Some are simply woven strips of bamboo and some are finely crafted specimens of workmanship. All are considered by the owner to be the best seat in the house. A place of honor. They will even choose to stand that you might sit, and immediately following the greeting there will come a most gracious "Please, sit here." It's disrespectful not to accept. It's also humbling and embarrassing, and beautiful at the same time. And these are the people that WE are here to serve...

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