Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where in the World is Ti Rivier?

I've rarely ever seen a street sign in Haiti, and I've yet to see a map with Ti Rivier pinpointed.
So where in the world is this little village?

100 miles from Port-au-Prince
40 minutes SW of Les Cayes and 10.3 miles as the crow flies from Shane Shaw's house :)
30 minutes East by SE of Port Salut, 6 miles, again, as the crow flies, yet it would take you all morning, day and into the night to make that short little jaunt.

You can fly from American to Port and catch a little island hopper to Cayes, or you make make the trip over land from the capital and about 5-6 hours later, you'll have arrived at the doorstep of Pierre Jabouin.
We'll be looking into renting a couple of rooms from him.  He has a vision to start up a little radio station in Ti.  Guess what he wants to do?  Spread the Gospel in all 4 languages. :)

GPS coords?  18° 5'35.05"N, 73°49'53.16"W give or take a few hundred feet.

We'll be trying to check emails:
and we'll try to update this blog as often as the Lord allows.

We can receive mail from a missionary mail service called Agape Flights.  They fly a plane into Cayes and from there we can pick up any packages.
Here is the address:

Daniel and/or Kari Elliott
c/o Agape Flights CAY 26476
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, FL  34285

I'll have a Haiti cell phone which we'll be able to receive calls on.  Calling out is a little more difficult, because we have to get to town to add minutes in a pay-as-you-go fashion.


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  1. Thank you for the map sweetie! You know I always have to know where you are ~ it's a Mom thing!

    It has been good to have you here under our roof this past week and the kids enjoyed sleepover night I think! Thanks for walking with us in the Heart Walk yesterday ~ need to get those pictures on my electronic photo frame.