Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ready, Set....

I'm finishing up with the photography business this week, and getting ready to go.
I've got just about all I need.
I'll be heading across Haiti with a good friend that I've actually never had the pleasure to meet.  How's that?
Shane Shaw, a missionary out of Les Cayes, has been a tremendous blessing in guiding me.  He's put up with a thousand silly questions, and yet he still has enough of Christ's love in him to respond to me in patience and grace.   We've never met face to face, and I'm excited for our time together.  I know God had a very strategic plan in crossing our paths, and it's like reading the world's greatest mystery novel as each day another page turns.

Pierre Jabouin has a home in Ti Rivier that he's allowed me to rent.  We don't know if 1 or 2 rooms will be sufficient, but I'll find out once I'm there.  He's been another Godsend to me and my family.  Sometimes when I'm spread too thin and doubt starts to seep in, Pierre gives me a call with an extra measure of peace. He has a vision of starting a radio station in Ti, with plans to spread the Gospel in the 4 major languages, Creole, French, Spanish and English.   Wow!  That is a whopper of a vision!  But if it's in God's plans, what needs to be set in motion is already in the works.

Our friends, the Babb's, are just coming to the end of their service in Haiti, and once again it seems Christ has seen fit to have us pass like ships in the night.  Someday we'll serve together.  Atleast I hope He has that in the mix.  They get to do everything for some reason, ahead of my family.

The news article on my family was a little off in the details of our funds.  The reporter we spoke with came on the day of our moving sale.  We told her about the donations from Assembly of God and the funds to buy bibles, and then we began talking everything we were selling to move to Haiti.  Talking about the moving sale,  I told her that not everything was going to pay for bibles, that some of the money we'd of course be living on, buying food, paying rent, etc.   What ended up coming out in the story sounded like we'd kept some of the money from the church donation for other purposes.  In fact, every cent went for bibles.  They are sitting in the care of Mr. Shaw, waiting for hands and feet to carry them down the trails of Haiti.

We have 80 or so bibles in Haiti already, so I think we'll wait to purchase more from the capital until I see how fast I'm going through them.  With the hurricane season upon us, I'd rather not have cases of bibles sitting just a few feet above sea level.  I'd rather myself not be a few feet above sea level with what's brewing out there now, but God is so abundantly faithful, somehow I know He'll make me float.   Maybe that's the reason for the extra few pounds I've been putting on over the summer?  Wishful thinking. :)

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  1. Dan, Savine & I thank God for the people who like Shane & Pierre have came along side of you and instead of seeing the impossibilities see the "challenges" as opportunities to see God work! I see these men as encouragement sent from God that reassures the "Mom" in me that HE has your back. I also thank God for the people who are praying for you on a daily basis, supporting you with their friendship & love, and believing in great things for your family.

    We love u very much ~ Mom