Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Few Goodbye's

Part of moving to Haiti means we can't bring the dogs or the cat.  Not a big deal to some people, but in this family, they are family. The old dog, Jill, has been with us for nearly 15 years.  She was around even before the kids.
And the pup Indyana, now that she's through her rebellious years, is one sweetheart of a dog.  Good as they come.

My dad lives in Wyoming on a sprawling stretch of land, and being a dog-lover he agreed to take them in as his own.  I explained to the kids that living out on a ranch in Wyoming is just about Heaven on Earth for dogs, especially when they get such tender-loving care from a guy who loves them.
It was good for the kids to know they'd be going to their Papa Phil's.  No matter what, it was a hard day.

We still have our cat, Jack, the oldest of them all.  He's going on 17 years, and he'll be moving out to my Mom's in just a few more days.

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