Friday, August 12, 2011

Ready for Home

I have to pass this on.  So far 2 bibles that we've purchased have already been given out.  One to a young lady in Port-au-Prince, Haiti,
and this account from a missionary friend of mine who was being led by the Spirit up and down the hills in Haiti with a young Haitian woman named Darlene:

"On our way back to the orphanage, Darlene asked if we could stop & see her grandmother. Of course! She thinks she older than 100 yrs. & doesn’t believe in God. We walked into the home & I could hear her in her room. We found her on a small toddler bed & she doesn’t look like she can move. There are pads under her and a bedpan nearby, but doesn’t look like it gets used. I asked a couple questions to grandma & then I ask Darlene if I can share the Gospel with her. Darlene asks me to step outside. She brings her Aunt with. They say some things to each other & Darlene then tells me it’s ok to tell her about Jesus. I squat back down beside her bed and told her I wanted to share a story. She was completely alert and listened intently. I told her that a long time ago everything was black. God spoke & said, “Let there be Light” & then there was light. He spoke into creation the heavens, earth, stars, moon, sun, land, animals & said “It was all good”. Then he created man in His image. The aunt stepped in and said “Adam & Eve”. I told her that Adam & Eve lived in the most beautiful garden. With a perfect life. But, they chose & decided to break the one rule God gave them. Sin now entered the earth. Because of all this sin God then gave us rules. Which we break all the time; telling lies, hating each other, wanting stuff, etc. This sin keeps us from God. I asked if she knew what happens to people when they die? I told her Heaven or Hell. People who break God’s rule go to hell. But b/c God loved us, He sent Jesus to live on this earth, and to die for our sins. Cleaning us. Purifying us. Now we have a way to heaven. If you believe that Jesus is Lord & confess with your mouth, then you can be in Heaven with Him. I told her He’s waiting for her right now! She’s now crying! And nodding her head! I asked if she understood & said Yes!
With the one arm she could move, she raises her fist and shouts, “Jesus is my Lord”
Now tears are falling down my face! I can’t believe God is using me…..
I told her that God is waiting, if she’s ready to let go, it’s ok now. When she gets to heaven she will have no more pain. The Bible tells us there will be no more tears – as more tears are trickling down her face.

I asked if they had a Bible – there’s one in French, but it’s missing the rest of the books after Ephesians. I told her I’d be back with a new Creole Bible & I would like to read to her. I told Darlene to come back and read & for her aunt to read too. We sang a song in Creole & I prayed & gave her a kiss on the cheek. We walked outside & her aunt just thanked me over and over. I just kept saying, “Thank you Jesus, Thank You Jesus!” I told her she has prepared the way & she’s done a great job praying for her already. After we left, Darlene was sooo happy. She said she really saw her grandma change & said the reason she called me out of the house to ask her aunt if I could share the Gospel with her is that others have come & she’s ALWAYS said NO. Praise God that He opened her heart today!! I told Darlene to be prepared for her grandma to pass away now – now that she’s ready for HOME."

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