Thursday, December 6, 2012

When Little Hands Bless

My daughter and I have always had a very special bond.  She is extra-sensitive to me, and we've always been able to read one another really well.   For years now, when she wants to find a way to show her love, she washes feet.  
Nobody ever told her to do it.  
She just read it in her Bible one day and decided that the job description agreed with her.  Jesus did it, and so she reckons it must be a good way to love. 
She decided the other morning that I needed some 'extra blessing' to start my day, and so she rose early and prepared a warm bucket of water, which she heated over the fire herself.  She then added special hand-picked flowers from the yard and a cocoa-butter/lotion concoction that she whipped up custom, just for this occasion.   
She always prepares a very nicely folded towel, a good, soft place to rest your feet, and then she goes to work washing.  
It's always been a sacred thing between us, and she's never once done it for the glory or the piety of sainthood.  She does it because she has a genuine love.    
I've never taken pictures of these moments, because they are very special to me.  But Kari grabbed the camera anyway and began snapping shots, and when I saw them,  I realized that this is something I want to always remember, and always share.  
It was all she could do to let me bless her right back, but she did eventually give in.  At first she said No, but I got her on the 'No sense letting all that good-smelling fragrance go to waste' line. :)

She helps me to remember there is good in this world.  There is love.  And even on the really hard days, some warm flower-pedal-lotion water can soften any old leathery soul, guaranteed.  

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