Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Connection

Here it is.  The most stable solution we've found for somewhat operational internet.  That pole may look tiny, but it's actually 20 feet tall, on top of the roof, and surrounded by razor-wire.  Not 1 hour after I'd raised the pipe and poured the cement, the internet suddenly quit. 5 days later I decided we'd never know if it was just the country of Haiti or something I'd done, so I climbed up to the top of that pole.  Yikes.  I was just a little shaky. It was worth it though, because the wire was loose at the top.  Later, my son confessed to 'possibly' being responsible.  He'd been swinging around a long piece of PVC, which may have somehow knocked the cord loose at the top of the pole....possibly.  Yeah.  He's 13.   It's all good.  I used him as my example in the sermon today.  It was a message about obedience and know-it-alls. :P

Note our nifty clothes-line, made from a cut-up 30' bamboo pole, from earlier attempts at finding an internet signal.    It was a little too natural, bending and swaying in the wind, so we moved to the metal pipe idea.  It's good that it worked because if this failed too, I was out of fresh out of degaje.

Also note the mangos coming into season...mmmmmmmmmm.   

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