Friday, October 5, 2012

Scuttled Salvage

There is a work, a labor, and an endurance with suffering, but as with any destined trial, there yet remains this most gentle gift from the Holy Spirit...Joy. 

While it may not be something I've yet claimed, I read of it in the Scripture, and it breathes hope to me. I see the Christians, flogged, stoned, beaten, martyred, and yet filled to overflowing with absolute joy.
An unnatural season for such a gift, and yet we stumble upon it so casually distributed, a free will offering from our Lord in the midst of any calamity that might befall the hearts of men.
I'm reminded therefore that, regardless of my condition, each face before me holds the potential to be the next jewel in the crown that awaits in Heaven, a crown that I will be eager to cast before the King in humble gratitude for having the grace to salvage such a scuttled shipwreck as me. He knew my heart and still had the mercy to wear a crown of thorns, a debt prescribed for me, yet credited to His account, free of charge.
'Why should any living man complain when punished for his sins?'

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