Thursday, October 11, 2012

Passing Notes

Kari's teaching was going long, so my daughter and I passed notes during class today.
Haitians can go 2-3 hours no problem...but not kids.

"Daddy. Do you know how much longer. I would ask mom but I don't want to be rood."
"Half an hour."
"What? An Hour and a half? Wow! Are you sure?"
"No, honey, 1/2 an hour. 30 minutes."
"That's what I said, an hour and a half. Well, since that's settled I was wondering could me and Logan and Onelson (Haitian friend) go in the car cause I'm very tired."
"Almost finished."
"Yeah, you said a half an hour, that's a long time."
"Not really."
"To children it is."
(sigh) "Go."
"Mesi ANPIL!" (Thank you SO MUCH!)

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