Monday, October 29, 2012

Have You Run Away

I woke up very early this morning with terribly dark thoughts from an equally terrible dream. I got up and made my way through the darkness until I found the kerosene lamp. I lit it and sat in the warm glow of the yellow, flickering light. I closed my eyes. Then I began to strap on my armor...

"This is my belt of truth, that I am in Christ and He is in me. He died for my sins, and was raised again. He is My King. Through Him I stand on a righteousness that is not my own. I stand on the righteousness of the Son of God, and that is my breastplate. Because of this truth and His righteousness, I find peace, anguish is vanquished, and my feet are fitted for the battle. I take up and own as my own the shield of faith, which is nothing more than to say that because I believe in Jesus, because I have His righteousness and peace, I refuse and reject these thoughts, these insults. They are not my own, they are nothing more than the fiery darts of my enemy, and they are hereby extinguished. There is a day of salvation that waits for me. It is my true north and my compass. I will stand before My King, and this is my helmet. There is now only for me to take up the Word, the scripture that God calls to my mind in conversation with the Spirit, and with this sword I will parry the thrust of my enemy's attack. And now I counterstrike. I pray to The Lord, who is a Warrior, and ask these things in The Great name of Jesus Christ, and today, instead of a simple 'amen', I believe an 'Oo-Rah' will suffice."

After that I opened my eyes. Where are you, my enemy? Have you run away?

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