Monday, May 21, 2012

Just One Afternoon...

We got to spend the whole afternoon with Oberline today. She had lunch with us, then Tikilene washed her hair and made her pretty, fretting over her, mothering her. Oberline hasn't had that kind of attention in years, if ever. She rode with us into Les Cayes for her very first trip into town. I watched her in the rear-view mirror with her window rolled down, letting the cool breeze wash over her face. We played some music on the radio. She'd take it all in, then break loose with a smile, then take it all in again like it was the first time. There were bouts of uncontrolled giddiness. She walked into a store for the first time and stood at the entrance, frozen. The owner looked at her and said, "It's okay. You can come in and look around." Then she moved off of the welcome mat and began to take in all the new things. We bought her some school books, and like any kid, she frowned :( Bought her ice cream, and while she was wild over the idea, she thought it tasted gross. Bought her an apple, she didn't want it. Played tag, and she loved it. She was a happy little girl, just to be loved and to spend the afternoon together.

Then after we said our goodbye's and I showed her out, I took notice of a young man in his twenty's, staring at her as I began to close the door.  I shut the gate, then stopped.  I wheeled around and opened it up.  When I stepped outside, there he was walking with her, his hand very firmly, too firmly, gripping her by her arm.  He was speaking to her intensely, walking in-step with her.  She was rigid.  My blood went hot.  He turned and caught my eye, and immediately let her go, and off she went up the trail, up the mountain towards her home.  The man never turned around, he just kept walking away. Just like that, in a moment.  An afternoon of kindness smacked in the face by the reality of the world she lives in, a little girl with no mom or dad to watch over her.  I followed her for a time, unsure of how I'd behave if I came upon anyone giving her trouble.  Would I be very Christian-like?   Hmmmm.  I think as a Daddy, I'd have my regrets.  When I stopped to listen and couldn't hear her or see her anymore, I hoped she'd made a clean getaway. It's in these moments I have to put my faith in God, trusting as He says, that vengeance is His, and He will repay, and I don't hesitate to tell you that if she's ever harmed, I pray He hunts them down with cold mercy, and that they spend the rest of their days, and nights, and every waking moment of wishful sleep, hounded and haunted by my Lord.  

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