Saturday, May 12, 2012

Almost Too Much!

Sunday is shaping up to be one of our largest Bible distributions yet. 150+ people will receive their own, free copy of the Word of God. 4 churches will come together. The worship will be ear-splitting. Tonight and early in the morning, we'll be writing in the front cover of each Bible. A personal word of encouragement. The table is full of a different kind of bread. Spiritual food with eternal nourishment!

Her heart flutters and she's overwhelmed as she picks out a special verse for each Bible.
"The front of this book just says Bible, but God already knows whose Bible this is. He already knows whose name will be written in it tomorrow, and the verses He's having me pick are especially just for that person! It's-It's almost too much! And all can think is WOW, how Great is our God. How sovereign!?"

Her kids are outside playing with 6 other Haitian friends. Logan's happily content playing marbles. Abby's deep into a game of checkers with her friend. Another girl is drawing a picture on the floor. A couple of other boys are watching.

There's a breeze coming through the house tonight, and there's a peace knowing it's been a fruitful day.

Happy Mother's Day, Kari Ann

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