Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Claudia's Kitchen

Thinking of expanding this year?

There's a little girl that comes by our house quite often. She's one of the Dezod's, but she's got a heart of gold. Today we went to visit her family up on the mountain.

If you've ever complained about the size of your kitchen, how'd you like to trade with Claudia? This is her kitchen.

Her Daddy was fastening together some branches just outside of this shot with palm leaves. He's hoping to make a place to keep a goat. "Oh, ok. How many goats do you have?" I said. The girl smiled. "Oh, we don't have any yet."
We went to visit this family, and they immediately began to pull down fruit from the trees around their house, out of hospitality. They didn't want us to leave empty-handed. 

 I wonder if you might know how it feels to walk back down a mountain after seeing such humble living, carrying a sack full of their fruit? You wouldn't. Not in Haiti. Because they sent their daughter with us, all the way back down that mountain, with that sack of fruit. They didn't want us to have to carry it. She finally relented to letting me carry it about half way down, but she still walked us all the way back to our car below. She was barefoot the whole way.

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