Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take a New Line

When I'm driving with my moto up and down these rocky mountain roads, there are obstacles in the path.   Sometimes it's a giant boulder that will bust your tires and deflate you.
Sometimes there's a mud hole that will bog you down.
Now and then it's a rut that's just getting so deep you might get stuck in it.

Once along a very steep and narrow part of the road, there was just enough obstacle to sway my course, and my tire pushed off the edge.  I was left with nothing else to do but throw all of my weight onto the handlebars and keep the front tire on the road while the back end hung out over the edge.  I was in quite a hopeless situation, just holding on while a Haitian brother ran to my assistance to give me help. "Don't move!" he shouted, as he grabbed hold of me with one arm, and the handlebars with the other.

Even if I'm following Patchouko or Chelo, very experienced men who've logged a lifetime of hours on these roads, even if my eyes are fixed on the line of their back tire and putting my front tire in that same line, there are still times that it becomes insane to follow them.

My point is this.  In this road of life, seldom does the path twist and turn the way we expect, and even when we think we know where we're going, sometimes there is a better, more beautiful plan for us.   Inevitably, it becomes necessary then to take a new line.

Instantly you find you have a new strategy.  The old plan is flushed. The new plan becomes the only plan.
There is a shift in the gears, but the solace is this:  You will still arrive, eventually, at your destination.

Really it's not about which line we take.  It's about finishing well.

Continue today, Christian.  Don't stop.  Don't give in.  Don't worry.
Just trust, be available.  Be ready when that new line comes.  Drive right at it, and don't be timid.
Take it and own it.  It's yours.

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