Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Following the Carpenter's Son

The blueprint to faith in Jesus Christ is in the ability to let go of your self. God is in the numbers. He has the Master Plan. Each piece is labeled, marked, and specifically cut, crafted for a custom fit. When He is given the charge, we are awakened to the reasoning behind our design. The epic question to following the Carpenter's Son is 'can you set your self aside?'

I was raised in Wyoming. A cowboy.

I grew up cutting my teeth on the Bighorn mountains.

I learned tough. I learned rough.

I found Jesus at an early age.

I loved to hike and explore and map. Finding new trails was something I loved dearly.

I learned the meaning of hard work.

I learned work ethic.

I was born blind in one eye. But with the eye He did see fit to give me, He's shown me a world packed with His creative beauty.

I learned how to drive on mountain roads, full of tire-busting boulders.

I learned how to drive like a wild man.

I learned how to follow Him with reckless abandon.

I'm a little steeped on the stubborn side.

I grew to love pictures.

I grew to love words.

I grew to love sounds.

But that was all then....

Today I work in the mountains of Haiti.

I work with people who are tough. I work with some who are rough.

I see Jesus in all the details.

I hike the mountains, because that's where the people are. I explore. I map, because there are no maps. I find new trails. I love it dearly.

I see hard working farmers. Eighty-year old men who are built like they should be on the cover of some Muscle magazine. They know the meaning of hard work.

I see the value of having a healthy work ethic here, in a country that has no jobs, no driving economy.

I'm still blind in one eye, but I see more today than ever before in my life. I see His beauty in every palm, every flower, every ocean wave, every sunrise, every storm, every Haitian. I still think He's creative. I still think He's beautiful.

I drive the craziest roads in Haiti. My car takes baths in rivers of mud. I creep over great boulders. I've had two flat tires.

I drive like a wild man here. It's how everyone else here drives as well. It's the only factor in which I blend in perfectly.
(Note to Mom: I'm curbing my appetite for crazy.  Toning it down, being more worries.)

I follow Him with reckless abandon. I think that's the only way possible to follow a God who revels in the Impossible.

I'm still stubborn. I think you need to be a bit thick-skinned here. I've learned that the price goes up 3 times when they see me coming, and down 2 times when I start to walk away.

I see why He made me the way He did. I see that He made me......specifically for a purpose.

I tell the story of Haiti...

in pictures.

in words.

in sounds.

and I use the same gifts to tell HIS STORY to them.

He provides. He overwhelms. He makes me so glad to call Him my King.

You are His Masterpiece. You were made, perfectly, to do the good works that He's already set aside for you to do.

You are the clay.

He is the potter.

He's formed you. He's fired you up in the kiln of life. You are made for just this moment in time,

if you can set yourself aside and follow Him?

Now then....

Take a deep breath...

Are you ready?

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  1. Dan,
    You are as talented with the pen as your Mother, and your love for Christ is infectious. I have melted at your photography, and now have a chance to follow you through your perfect EYES in Haiti by pictures, and by your stories. I am truly blessed~~to call your Mother my friend, and now you also. May God keep you safe "with your need for speed" and also your family.